Our blends are made with the most amazing of superfoods with many of them grown locally. Explore our superfoods and their amazing health benefits here!


All Ginger & Co blends are made with the best of superfoods. From lung cleansing broccoli sprout to immunity boosting reishi mushroom, come explore our carefully selected superfoods and their amazing health benefits here!



KEY BENEFITS: stimulates immune system | lowers  blood pressure and cholesterol | antihistamine effect | relieves urinary tract symptoms


IMMORTAL MUSHROOM: Often referred to as the "mushroom of immortality", reishi or lingzhi mushroom has been used in China, Japan and Asia for centuries well-being tonic and to treat various ailments. Modern research has shown reishi has the potential to provide amazing health benefits and treat many chronic health conditions.

STRENGTHEN IMMUNE RESPONSE: reishi mushroom contains complex sugars called beta-glucans which clinical studies suggest they may help stop the growth and spread of cancer cells (in particular late-stage cancer) by causing the immune system to become more active.

LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE & CHOLESTEROL: reishi mushroom contains a group of sterols and antioxidants called triterpenes that has been shown in lab studies to lower blood pressure. In a clinical trial, reishi mushroom has also been shown to reduce blood cholesterol by increasing the level of HDL-cholesterol. HDL-cholesterol is often referred to as "good" cholesterol as it helps carry cholesterol from other parts of the to the body to the liver to be destroyed.

RELIEVES URINARY TRACK SYMPTOMS: A study suggests reishi mushroom extracts may improve urinary flow in men with slight-to-moderate urinary track symptoms.

ANTI-ALLERGY EFFECTS: the sterols and antioxidant compounds triterpenes in reishi mushroom have been shown to exert antihistamine (anti-allergy) effects.

CAUTION: reishi mushroom may cause blood thinning and its immune-stimulating effects may cause immunosuppressant drugs to be less effective. Reishi mushroom may also interfere with cancer drugs. You are advised to consult your doctor before taking products with reishi mushroom.

Products with reishi mushroom: Golden Immunity Latte

KEY BENEFITS: maintains health of nerve system | stimulates immune system | anti-inflammatory | anti-microbial


POWERFUL NERVOUS SYSTEM ACTIVATOR. Like reishi mushroom, ginseng is a revered medicine in Asia where it has been used in traditional remedies for centuries. Modern research has shown its effectiveness in maintaining the health of our nervous system. Clinical data also supports its role in activating the immune system, increasing the effectiveness of insulin and its relaxation effect on the arteries. Most of these benefits are due to unique compounds in ginseng called ginsenosides.

MAINTAINING NERVE HEALTH: Studies have shown that ginseng can help protect nerve cells while also stimulating their growth and survival. Ginseng may also help prevent and treat inflammatory neuron diseases and help in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's.​

ACTIVATING IMMUNE RESPONSE: ginsenosides​ have been shown to stimulate both the body's innate and acquired immunity by increasing the activity of killer cells as well as anti-body response to invading pathogens, among others. A clinical trial in Korea also shows that individuals taking ginseng regularly have lower risk of getting all types of cancer.

TREATING DIABETES: studies have shown ginsenosides can help increase the effectiveness of insulin in regulating blood sugar while also reducing insulin resistance in Type II diabetic patients.

IMPROVING BLOOD FLOW: lab studies have shown ginsenosides induce the production of nitric oxide, a vasodilator that helps the blood to flow more easily and hence reduce blood pressure

CAUTION: ginseng can enhance the effect of insulin and hence cause a drop in blood sugar level. Ginseng may also interfere with many types of drugs. You are advised to consult your doctor before taking products with ginseng.

Products with ginseng: Golden Immunity Latte

KEY BENEFITS: lowers blood pressure and cholesterol | lowers blood sugar level | increases bone density | weight control | anti-microbial


THE ULTIMATE ANTIOXIDANTS. matcha / green tea contains arguably one of the most powerful antioxidants called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). EGCG, along with green tea's other antioxidants are responsible for green tea's many amazing health benefits

LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE & CHOLESTEROL: studies have suggested that green tea antioxidants can help lower blood pressure while significantly reducing low-density lipids ("bad cholesterol") and increasing high-density lipids ("good cholesterol").​

REDUCES BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL: studies have shown green tea's EGCG were able to reduce blood glucose level in Type II diabetes by mimicking and enhancing insulin.

INCREASES BONE DENSITY: studies have shown green tea can increase bone mineral density by helping bone cells to proliferate.

CONTROLS WEIGHT: a study ​has shown green tea could help reduce weight by oxidising fats in the body (however more trials are required to confirm).

FIGHTS COLD & FLU: studies have shown green tea is able to inhibit a wide range of microbials including the influenza (flu) virus especially in its early stages.

ANTI-CANCER: studies suggest green tea's EGCG can interfere with cell replication processes and also prevent blood vessels from forming around cancerous tumor,s therefore causing them to die.

CAUTION: consumption of high dosage of green tea may cause toxicity and damage to the pancreas and liver. Green tea may also negatively affect the body's iron absorption. You are advised to consult your doctor before taking products containing green tea.

Products with matcha or green tea:



KEY BENEFITS: restores lung damage caused by smoking | protects organs from heavy metal poisoning | prevents brain diseases


THE ULTIMATE LUNG PROTECTOR: Broccoli sprout contains a powerful group of antioxidants called sulphoraphanes. While found in other cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, kale, cauliflower etc.), sulphoraphanes exist in highest concentrations in sprouting broccoli. Sulphoraphanes stimulate our body to produce protective antioxidants and detoxifying chemicals. This gives sulphoraphanes their unique abilities to restore smoke damaged lungs as well as prevent organ damage caused by the inhalation of dangerous toxins. Sulphoraphanes may also help prevent brain diseases too! Scroll below to find out more.

RESTORES SMOKE DAMAGE LUNGS: exposure to cigarette smoke can damage the immune cells of the lungs and cause them to lose the ability to fight inflammations and bacterial infections. Studies have shown sulphoraphanes were able to reduce swellings and bacterial infection of smoke-exposed lungs by assisting the genes of the immune cells to produce lung protective chemicals.

PREVENTS HEAVY METAL POISONING: cadmium is a toxic heavy metal and even a small exposure may lead to cancer and intoxication of many organs especially the reproductive system. Cadmium is present in cigarette smoke and is readily absorbed by the lungs. Fortunately sulphoraphanes have been shown in studies to prevent damage to cells of reproductive organs caused by cadmium poisoning. 

PREVENTS BRAIN DISEASES: many studies have shown that sulphoraphanes are able to help prevent acute brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases (including stroke) by activating the genes responsible for producing antioxidants and anti-toxins that help protect our nerve cells!

Products with broccoli sprout: Lung Detox Latte

KEY BENEFITS: relieves arthritis | reduces occurrence of inflammatory bowel diseases | relieves asthma


SUPER ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Turmeric is not only delicious but offers wonderful health benefits too! This is owed to its well-known active curcumin (which is also responsible for turmeric's bright yellow colour). Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory and has shown strong potential in the treatment of conditions caused by inflammations in our body. These include rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases and asthma, among others!

RELIEVES ARTHRITIS: one of the most significant health benefits of curcumin is the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis - an autoimmune disorder whereby the immune system mistakenly attacks the body's own tissues. Clinical trials have shown oral intake of curcumin is able to significantly reduce the symptoms and increase the strength of patients with rheumatoid arthritis patients (and even more effective when used together with complementary synthetic drugs).

PREVENTS BOWEL DISEASES: studies suggest that curcumin can reduce the occurrence of inflammatory bowel diseases as well as bowel cancer. This is due to the ability of curcumin to inhibit inflammatory chemicals that cause these diseases. More trials are still needed but it sounds promising!

RELIEVES ASTHMA: in animal studies curcumin has been shown to reduce the symptoms of asthma such airway hyper-responsiveness and inflammation and lung inflammation. Now we just need to wait for human clinical studies to prove this asthma-relieving power of curcumin!

CAUTION: if you are taking medications, undergoing chemotherapy, having gastrointestinal disorders or are predisposed to kidney stone formation you should consult your doctor before using turmeric supplements..

KEY BENEFITS: relieves arthritis, pain and discomfort | reduces blood cholesterol | anti-bacterial


SUPERFOOD WITH MANY BENEFITS: ginger is a true wonder root when it comes to health benefits! Ginger contains unique antioxidants gingerols (and related compounds) that are responsible for many of ginger's benefits: from combating cold and flu and relieving period pain to improving heart health. All the more reasons to love this delicious root!

COLD & FLU FIGHTER: ginger is one of the best remedies for cold and flu. It is anti-microbial and has been shown to inhibit growth of a wide range of bacteria and viruses (including E. coli). What's more, ginger is diaphoretic (it induces sweating) which makes it excellent for progressing fever, leading to faster recovery!

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY & PAIN RELIEVER: ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reliever and has been shown to be as effective as synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs Ibuprofen & mefenamic acid in relieving painful periods (dysmenorrhea). Ginger has also been shown to relieve pain in people suffering from arthritis as well as general muscular discomfort.

LOWERS BLOOD CHOLESTEROL & IMPROVES CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: clinical studies suggest ginger could be effective in treating heart and cardiovascular diseases. A clinical trial found that consumption of ginger powder was able to significantly reduce blood lipid (fats) levels. Extracts of ginger have also been suggested as an effective and safer alternative to Aspirin in treating coronary artery disease.


OTHER BENEFITS: other studies suggest additional health benefits of ginger including reducing allergenic reactions in asthma patients and anti-diabetic effects.



KEY BENEFITS: reduces anxiety, restlessness & agitation | relieves mild-to-medium depression | improves quality & duration of sleep | relieves mild insomnia | relieves migraine headache


A BEAUTIFUL SLEEP TONIC:  lavender not only smells wonderful but it also has amazing anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) properties too! This has mainly to do with how the scent chemicals ​in lavender interact with and regulate our nervous systems. Various human studies have shown lavender is able to reduce anxiety, restlessness, agitation and depression, as well as improve both the quality and duration of sleep. Lavender also relieves mild insomnia and migraine headache too! 

REDUCES ANXIETY & DEPRESSION: lavender​ has been shown to relieves anxiety, agitation and restlessness and improves mood in people suffering from mild anxiety disorder. Studies have also shown lavender helps with earlier and quicker improvement in patients with mild-to-medium depression especially when used in conjunction with other anti-depressant drugs.

IMPROVES SLEEP & RELIEVES INSOMNIA: lavender has been found to improve both the quality and duration of sleep (including less interrupted sleep at night). A study also showed lavender cause a significant decrease in blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature - demonstrating its relaxant property. Lavender has also been shown to be effective as a replacement for insomnia drugs without affecting day time wakefulness and other negative effects.

RELIEVES MIGRAINE: a clinical trial has shown lavender was able to relieve the severity of migraine headache.

Products with lavender: Sleep Latte

KEY BENEFITS: relieves anxiety | helps with sleep | relieves postpartum depression and sleep problem


AN AMAZING CALMATIVE: chamomile has long been used as a sleep remedy and modern research has proven so! Chamomile's sedative and anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) properties are believed to be due to certain chemicals that exhibit similar properties to the anxiety drug Benzodiazepines (which is also a mild tranquiliser). A clinical trial has shown chamomile extract was able to reduce the symptoms of anxiety disorder. It has also been shown that drinking chamomile tea helped postnatal women get better sleep and experience less symptoms of depression. Another study shows chamomile tea improves the sleep quality of elderly patients.

Products with chamomile: Sleep Latte

KEY BENEFITS: relieves symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder


ANXIETY RELIEVER: passion flower is the flower of the passion fruit plant. Passion flower has long been used in folk remedies to treat anxiety. A study has shown passion flower extract has the same ability to relieves anxiety as the drug Oxazepam without exhibiting the side effects of the latter (i.e. cognitive impairment). Studies have also shown passion flower extract to be effective in treating withdrawals symptoms including from opioid drugs.

Products with passion flower: Sleep Latte

KEY BENEFITS: sedative | aids nocturnal sleep


A NATURAL SEDATIVE: hop flowers (or hops) are a primary ingredient in beer making due to its complex bitter flavours. Hops contain bitter acids and essential oil that are responsible for its sedative effects. Studies have shown hops as an effective sedative by lowering the locomotive activity of the brain. Hops also demonstrated an ability to suppress nocturnal activity and is suggested as a sedative to help improve night sleep.

Products with hop flower: Sleep Latte


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