• A delicious and detoxifying blend of activated charcoal, black sesame and ginger to cleanse and detox the guts and body from the inside out. Buy detox charcoal latte online today from Ginger & Co


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    • Ginger & Co's Charcoal Latte is a revolutionary detoxifying latte blend made with activated charcoal - a powerful absorber of toxins, chemicals and all the bad stuff. Activated charcoal has long been used in medical emergencies to treat drug overdose or accidental poisoning. This is because activated charcoal has millions of microscopic pores in it allowing it to absorb, trap and remove chemicals from our guts. What’s more, this uniquely cleansing tonic is also blended with flavourful black sesame (lowers cholesterol and hypertension) and warming ginger (pain relief and heart benefits) for a perfectly delicious and warming drink. Expect nutty sesame flavours with a spicy hit of ginger. This delicious and caffeine-free tonic is perfect with soy, coconut and nut milks (including almond and macadamia) and can be enjoyed in the morning and any time of the day.


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